Sick and Tired of Toiling Night and Day,
and Still Not Getting Any Closer to Financial Freedom?
This Video Could Transform Your Practice – and Your Life!

The following information will be of interest to you if...
  •  You own a small law firm
  • ​You are sick and tired of working too many hours for too little money
  • Can't stand wasting money on advertising that barely works 
  • ​​You know in your heart you could be helping more clients while helping yourself if you could just figure this out.
If you believe there must be a better way, please read on to make the best discovery you’ve ever come across for expanding your practice and elevating your lifestyle. Just give me a few minutes and. . .
I’m going to hand you a step-by-step strategy to add $200,000 and beyond in annual billing to your firm.
You're about to learn.....
  • How to increase your New Potential Client (NPC) appointments by 30%
  • ​How to ensure the NPCs that set appointments, show up to the office, phone, or Zoom call
  • ​How toincrease the number of NPCs that retain yourfirm by 40% every month
  • ​THE SECRET successful law firms use to maximize their gross revenues
  • ​Accomplish all of this without investing an extra dime into marketing and advertising. Without having to post on FB, FB Live, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, or make any more videos for YouTube. You can drop all those distractions that rob you of your freedom and do very little to actually grow your firm in a meaningful, predictable, and repeatable fashion
I realize it may sound impossible to you right now that you could reduce your dependence on paid advertising, get more of your leads to say YES to representation, and add $200,000in annual revenue while working less. But many of my program members are doing exactly that. And I’m about to show you the exact process they’re using to make that happen.

But first, let’s make sure I’m talking to the right person.


  • Do you sincerely believe you’re underpaid and making only about HALF the income you intended, expected and deserve? 
  • Do you get anxious whenever payroll comes around, wondering if there will be enough to cover it, or if you’ll have to make up the difference by going without a check, again?
  • ​Do you procrastinate, delay, “short” vacations or other family or personal time away from the office – FEARING a drop in income or other problems… you envision all the catch-up work and “issues” that’ll be waiting for you on your return?
  • Do you find yourself wondering, "Wasn’t my law firm supposed to give me a lot of personal and financial freedom?" When instead, you’re hauling home a briefcase filled with work on nights and weekends? And you’re one step away from moving a bed into your office?
  • Do you need to drag yourself out of bed every morning, dreading another day of the same old headaches that never seem to improve?
And most important:
  • Do you believe there has to be better way, that life’s got to be better than this?

The above challenges are only symptoms of not addressing the real problem. Once you identify the real problem, and learn how to fixit, you can be on your way to getting the law practice you will love going to every day. So, what is . . .


The real problem is that you haven’t made the “shifts.” I’ll explain to you what those are in just a second. But first, here’s why you want to make them:

  • You’ll make the kind of money you deserve to make. Heck the kind of money everyone around you already thinks you make just because you’re an attorney.
  • ​You’ll start each month knowing exactly how many new clients you can expect to retain the services of your firm.
  • When payroll time rolls around the money will be there, and you will no longer lose sleep over this issue.
  • ​You’ll find yourself getting home in time for dinner. In fact, shortly after they start working with us, many of our clients can book their very first real vacation in years.
  • ​Your attitude will improve, you’ll start to like your employees again, your family and friends will love the new you, and you’ll barely recognize that satisfied attorney staring back at you in the mirror every morning.
  • You’ll gain a childlike enthusiasm for your law firm again. So much so that you’ll want to jump out of bed each morning ready to get started.

Before we go any further, let me introduce myself so you know who I am and why you should listen to me.
My name is Richard James. I am the Founder and President of Partners Club, and I have earned a national reputation as a “Legal Systems Expert.”

I have made a career out of building thriving businesses in three different industries. My success ingredient is simple: systems. For example, I devised a seven-step method for designing and implementing automated marketing systems that grow your law firm FAST.

I know exactly how to build a small law firm because I actually did it. Beginning with virtually nothing but two men in a room literally sharing a desk, we grew a Phoenix law firm to surpass $3.5 million in sales in just over two years!

Since then my passion, my mission, has been helping attorneys experience the joy of business ownership along with a fulfilling life. Today, I run Partners Club and have served over 900 owners of small and solo law firms, helping them build systems that support their dreams and aspirations rather than undermine their lifestyle.

The belief that underpins my highly successful program is that systems should run your law firm, and people should run your systems. Helping attorneys like you adapt my program to build thriving practices is my primary goal.


So, let’s get back to the 5 shifts, beginning with a brief history of how I discovered them. As I mentioned, I built a multi-million-dollar Phoenix law firm from nothing with my own two hands.

We started in a small, 400 square-foot executive suite in a little office building. As you can imagine, when we moved up to a 2,000 square-foot space and grew a staff of just two people to almost 22 people in a very short period of time, the other attorneys in the building were very curious.

Any time I would be in the hallway, another attorney from the building would magically appear and start asking me questions. So, I started to interview these law firm owners who clearly were looking to improve their situation, and asked them what is it that you are doing?

It became obvious to me there were 5 things I was doing that everyone else wasn’t. I called these critical steps the “shifts.” As I helped more attorneys incorporate these five shifts into their practices, we saw them immediately grow by $200,000 a year, and then $300,000, and more.

As I codified what I was doing, I became more efficient at sharing my discoveries with my existing members who began achieving even more incredible results. And now I'm going to share them with you. So here are the 5 key shifts you must make to grow your revenue by $200,000, while also enjoying more freedom, spending more time with your family, and working less.


The number one action step is to create your core values. And it starts with assessing what you believe. You can't get anywhere in your firm, unless you have the correct beliefs.

You see, right now you probably believe you are the owner of a small law firm. But that belief is holding you back. The fact is, you are the owner of a small business that happens to have law as its service offering. There's a difference between being the attorney who just happens to own a law firm, and the owner of a small law firm who either is the attorney or has attorneys working for them. It's a massive difference because if you start working from the new belief set, I can get you to the next core value, which is to deliver for your clients.

I'm sure you already deliver for your clients. You open and close the case and get reasonably good results within the guidelines of whatever that case allows for. But it's really what happens between opening and closing the case that is critical to client satisfaction.

How are we communicating with our clients? Are we making sure that we do what we say we're going to do? When the client is in front of us, are we prepared and fully briefed on their situation? Have we made sure our staff is trained specifically on how to interact with clients? If our clients were to score us on a scale of one to 10, would they give us a nine or ten? How are we delivering for our clients?

So, to make shift #1 and run a successful law firm you must adopt these two core values:

#1 - I am a business owner whose goal is to scale up the size of my business.
#2 - I am going to figure out a way to deliver A-level service to all my clients.

If you have these two values, I will be able to teach you how to grow your firm using the next four shifts.
But if you don't have these values and beliefs, any growth you do manage to achieve will likely just break your firm. 

That’s because it will only speed up the pace at which you convince clients that you're not very good at what you do. And you could end up with bar complaints and turmoil.

Let me tell you about one of my members, Annie Scott, a criminal defense attorney out of Houston, Texas.

Before she started working with me, and long before she increased her total owner's benefit by 68%, the only way she made money was through court appointed cases. She didn't see herself as a law firm owner. She saw herself as a lawyer.

Today, because she started to make this shift, her firm is now generating 10 times her previous number in annual gross revenue.
Before Annie started working with me, and long before she increased her total owner's benefit by 68%, the only way she made money was through court appointed cases. She didn't see herself as a law firm owner. She saw herself as a lawyer.

Today, because she started to make this shift, her firm is now generating 10 times her previous number in annual gross revenue.

What about you? Are you ready to be the owner?

Are you ready to believe that you're going to have to scale your practice as we grow it, and you're going to have to figure out how to give good quality service, so your clients are satisfied at the highest levels?

If your answer is “yes,” we’re ready to move on to the next step.
Remember at the end of The Wizard of Oz, when they pulled back the curtain and realized who the big, wonderful Oz really was?

Well, who is behind the curtain of your law firm? Who's pulling all the levers? Who believes if they stop, the business stops? Typically, for most law firms it’s the owner.

Owner’s figure, since they're the one who built the firm, everything must run through them. And then they're surprised when they become the bottleneck in the operation.

Then there’s the problem of seesawing between feast and famine in their practice. At times they get really busy and are swamped trying to keep up with all the work. Then there are times when the workload slows down, and they're not making any money.

Through all these ups and downs the practice plods along. Many of my client’s experience this before making this shift.

If you want to make this shift, here’s the first rule: You have to learn to ignore the bright and shiny objects. What I mean is, too often, rather than doing the work to uncover the truth about the firm, we chase the easy-sounding solutions; the ones that sound sexy and promise to solve all our problems.

So, we spend more money on marketing. We try a new social media campaign. We make a TikTok video. We post on YouTube. We build a new website. We develop referral programs. We create a podcast.

Look, I'm not saying there's anything inherently wrong with these things, but they're not necessarily addressing the real problem. Before we can select the right solution, we need to identify what we're doing that’s not working.

That’s why we have to pull back the curtain, then we can see what's working, and more importantly, what’s not working. We need to identify what's really broken in our business so we can fix it.

When many of my clients first came to me, they were dealing with their problems like a firefighter. They'd rush to put out this fire, and then that fire, but without first identifying the root of the issue so they would know how to prevent fires altogether. They had no system to pull back the curtain and see what was really going on.

Let me tell you about the experience of one of my members, Mike Dickerson, and his wife Catalina. They would tell you that when they first started with me, they kind of treated their business like a hobby. You see, a business is supposed to make you money, while a hobby costs you money. I helped them realize they were treating their business like a hobby because they didn't know the truth about what was going on. But once they pulled back the curtain and shed light on the subject, they grew their firm by 41% in just one year. 
How would you like to grow your firm by 41% in one year? It would be pretty exciting, right?

We helped the Dickerson’s pull back the curtain on the operations of their firm. And once they did, they figured out what wasn't working. And once they figured out what wasn't working, they knew exactly what to go about fixing.

If this estate planning attorney out of Laredo, Texas and his wife were able to make the shift and jumpstart his practice, I know that you can do it too.

Now I’m going to show you the thing that I'm likely most known for. This is my secret formula that has transformed my businesses and my client's businesses throughout my career. I call it the Lead Conversion Machine. To show you its value, let’s start by describing the Old Way of getting and converting leads.

The Old Way was to spend tons of money on marketing. You’d post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You’d have your own podcast. You’d shoot videos and more videos. You’d start a blog. You’d have to become an expert on SEO so you could fix your Google My Business pages. You’d buy leads. You’d have to build referrals, and use billboards, and do direct mail, and on and on and on.

And here's the thing. You do all these things. And then maybe one day a client shows up. Eventually the phone may ring. But you don't know how they found you or why they chose to contact you.

The Old Way is stressful and wastes a lot of time and money. It gives you a false sense of working toward your goals, but as Stephen Covey said, “If your ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step you take just gets you to the wrong place faster.”


The New Way is to develop an engine that runs the Lead Conversion Machine. We call it your Perfect Client Life Cycle because this is the cycle a prospect goes through from becoming a lead all the way through becoming a referring client.
  • First, identify how many qualified leads you get. 
  • Then measure how many of those leads convert to appointments. 
  • ​Then measure how many of those appointments actually show up.
  • Of those who show up, how many of them retain your firm?
  • ​Of those that retained your firm, what was the case worth? And how many of those clients paid their bill in full? 
  • ​Finally, how many of them sent you referrals?
The point of collecting this data is to identify which leads work and which leads don't. We are going to track the results of each of your sources of leads (Facebook, Google Ads, billboards, direct mail – wherever you spend your marketing advertising dollars), to determine which ones are working.

The lead conversion machine tracks every single lead, every single time.

It's basic arithmetic.

Here's how we're going to get you 40% more clients... 

Now I’m going to reveal the little magic hinge that swings the big door:

The first thing we ask ourselves is what percentage of our leads turn into appointments?

This is simple division: number of appointments divided by number of leads.

If we have 100 leads and 50 set an appointment, to increase that by 10% I'll want to set 55 appointments.

How many of those appointments convert to a show? If we have a 60% show rate, I just want to increase the show rate to 66%.

The next question is, of the number of people who show to their appointment, how many of them retain the firm? Let's say 40% of the appointments retain the firm. I want to increase that to 44%.

Finally, what is our case value? If our case value is $2,000, I want to figure how to get 10% more out of our case value by increasing it to $2,200. We just have to move it a little bit.

When we do all this, we start to see a 40% increase in our total value of clients we retain.

This is the magic 40% increase in total client retention.
How does the Lead Conversion Machine work?

The Lead Conversion Machine is made up of three simple parts:

Part 1 – Harvest the Data: We have to harvest every single piece of information about every single lead, every single time. We have to make a record of every prospect’s name, cell phone number, office phone number, email address, mailing address – whatever information is available to us. We need this so we are able to pick up the phone and call them, send them a text, a direct mail piece, email them, add them on social media, etc. We want to be able to use all the different forms of communication we have to follow up with them until they either buy or unsubscribe.

Part 2 – Build Relationship: In communicating with prospects, as much as we speak, we need to listen to them. What are they going through right now? What is causing their “hell”? And what would “heaven” look like if they were to successfully resolve their current situation? We need to let them articulate their distress and their hopes for the future so they know we care and will use all our resources to help them.

Part 3 – Ask for the Order: Always actively guide prospects to the next step. During the lead generation process, ask them to become a lead by providing their contact information. Once they become a lead, ask them to set an appointment. When they set an appointment, remind them to show up. When they show up, ask them to retain your firm. When they retain your firm, ask them to pay their bill in full. When they pay their bill in full, ask them to refer more business. If we learn how to do this, we will increase our conversions even more than the 10% I talked about above.

WARNING: If you don’t build a Lead Conversion Machine, you will experience sleepless nights wondering if this month will be feast or famine. In essence, you’ll be treating your business like a weekend trip to the casino, using a shotgun approach to investing in marketing that doesn’t work, and flushing money down the drain.

However, if you do build the Lead Conversion Machine, you will sleep soundly because will know exactly how many new clients and how much income to expect every month. And your peers will look at you with awe when they see you at court. They’ll think you’re a lucky shot, but you’ll know you’ve been using a laser beam to focus your resources and energy to get the best results.
Let me tell you about my client Jamie Miller. He is a bankruptcy attorney in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

When Jamie first came to me was struggling because he believed that marketing was the key to growing his firm, but he didn’t know the right way to go about it. Despite enormous expenditures on marketing and advertising, he wasn’t seeing the growth he’d been promised. The health of his business felt so fragile, he didn't trust he could ever leave his office. So he worked nights and Saturdays, and never took a real vacation.
But everything changed when he started working with me. Within a short period of time, Jamie saw a 300% increase in his top line gross number.

After putting the lead conversion machine into place, Jamie was able to identify which advertising worked and which didn't. With this critical information he was able to skyrocket his growth by focusing his attention on his most promising leads.
We now come to shift #4. With your first 3 shifts in place, we can now talk about how to grow your law firm by an additional $200,000 – or more! – annually...

If you want to start having a life away from your law firm, here are three things you must do:
  • Stop doing work others can do. There are people in your office who can do work that you do, but you do it because you believe you’re the only one who can. Stop wearing the $20 an hour hat. You're devaluing yourself and you're not allowing your firm to realize the best version of you.
  • Stop letting people in your firm come into your office and borrow your brain any time they want. Set up time parameters that enable you to help others without disrupting your own workflow.
  • Start maximizing your efficiency and realize that systems should run your law firm, and people should run your systems. 
Now, let’s go into this more deeply. Your business has departments, including Marketing and Sales, Collections, Legal Work, Client Services, Finance, and HR, just to name a few usually found in a small law firm.

The way this usually works is that Betty's in charge of Marketing, Kelly's in charge of Sales, Sally's in charge of Collections, etc. But with that approach, people are running your law firm, and you want systems running your law firm.

We want systems to run these departments, and then have people running these systems. When you make that paradigm shift by mastering delegation and putting the right people in the right seats – all of a sudden magical things will happen.

You will gain your time back. You will be able to scale and manage the new business you have coming in while your client satisfaction goes through the roof. You will be more efficient in your office and stop wasting money on excess salaries you were paying because you were using people rather than systems to run your firm.

One of my clients, Scott David Stewart, is a family law attorney out of Phoenix. When he first came to me, he was carrying a full caseload, but he no longer wanted to be the lawyer in the law firm he owned.

He still wanted to own the firm. He just wanted less responsibility. Within a short period of time after I helped Scott install systems in his practice and showed him how to train the people to run those systems, he quadrupled his gross revenues and exploded his net profit. And as he had wished, he became the owner of the law firm and no longer works as an attorney.

Best of all, Scott now owns a multi-seven figure law firm. He didn't when he started with us. But he does today. He was able to do it because he was able to get out of his own way, stopped being the bottleneck in his practice, and now allows systems to run the firm, and people to run his systems.

Even if you do all the things I just described to you, but you don’t invest in mentoring, it's not going be possible for you to achieve your greatness.

Now that may sound like a self-serving statement from me because I'm a mentor to owners of small law firms. But I'm not suggesting you must use me. I'm suggesting you have to find a mentor – any mentor.

Who mentored you to become the attorney you are today? Perhaps you clerked for a judge or went to work for another attorney who taught you through example and advice. Or you sought somebody out who was good at what they did and learned from them.

Now, who mentored you to become the businessperson you are today? Probably nobody.

Very few attorneys I meet have read any of the books they should have or signed up for the right mentoring programs. Nor do they have a mentor working directly with them to teach them exactly how to run a law firm. And even if they have had some kind of business mentor, it was likely generic input from someone with no specific experience building a law firm.

How much have you invested to obtain your right to practice law?

• Money: College and then law school with estimated tuition of $350-$500,000
• Time: Years of studying, taking, classes, etc.

You worked hard and sacrificed a lot to gain the skill and experience needed to be good at what you do.

Now, how much have you invested to obtain your right to own a small law firm?

Probably not very much.

How can you possibly have the expertise to run your law firm as a business when you haven’t had the training or put in the time to learn how to do it? Nor have you worked with someone who has done it successfully to show you the ropes.

Here’s what I call the mentor loop...

First, realize that we always start with a mindset: what we think about we bring about. The way we think determines what we believe. Then our beliefs determine our actions. Then our actions determine our outcomes.
And this is why a mentor is so important in helping us change.

A mentor can give you a change in mindset leading to a change in beliefs, a change in actions, and a change in outcomes. And importantly, the mentor is there with you, guiding you through every step.

Again, this is how you learned the law. And this is how you learn to be a small business owner at a very high level.

If you want to gain your freedom, if you want to serve more clients than you serve right now, if you want to make more money, you have to master the art of owning a small business. And working with a mentor is the best way of doing it.
Please take a moment to consider these three questions: 

▪ How happy are you with your law firm?
▪ How happy are you with the income you earn?
▪ How happy are you with the amount of freedom you have or don’t have?

If you’re not happy with your answers, you need a mentor to help you get where you want to be.

As a mentor, I teach you to do what I do and have proven to work. I'm not telling you to hire me. What I am telling you to do is to find a mentor that makes sense for you.

I do it myself. Throughout the course of my career, I have personally invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in mentors who have given me specific help with problems I needed to overcome.

My advice to you is to find a mentor who teaches from EXPERIENCE, not from theory.

Take for example, my client Bert Diener, an immigration attorney out of North Carolina.

When Bert met me, he had tried to learn from other mentors, but they weren't specific to his needs. They couldn't teach him how to run a law firm. They were generalists, teaching about how to have a better life mindset, or maybe how to generally run a better business. But the specific advice for how to run a law firm simply wasn't there.

Today, thanks to laser-focused mentoring, he earns more in a month than he used to earn in a year.
STOP WAITING. Invest in a mentor, a coach… invest in YOURSELF.

There will never be a better time than right now for you to begin your journey to become the very best possible version of you. Your firm, your employees, your loved ones – and YOU – deserve the very best. Let me help you achieve that.


  • Create core values: Get a belief system and a structure system that delivers the highest level of service to your clients and lets you scale and grow your law firm in a way that won't break. 
  • ​Pull back the curtain: Find out what's actually working and what's not working. Then use effective systems to address what needs fixing next.
  • ​Use the secret formula – the Lead Conversion Machine: Learn the Perfect Client Life Cycle™ to work and boost client conversion through harvesting, building a relationship, and asking for the order. Doing this can increase new client conversions by 40%. 
  • ​Take your time back: Realize that systems should run your law firm, and people should run your systems. Develop a formula so that you can focus on the $500, the $1,000, and $2,000 an hour items, rather than the $20 an hour items.
  • ​Invest in mentoring: Realize that you didn't become the attorney you are today just by happenstance. You did it because somebody mentored you. It’s the same with learning how to run a profitable business.
These 5 shifts alone are enough to grow your law firm, help more clients resolve their difficulties, 
and add $200,000 + annually – all while you work less. 


You can either accept that you're fine with where you currently are and . . .

Be subject to the mercy of advertising and marketing salespeople who only care about their bottom-line, not yours.

Trust that your firm is going to grow without knowing the truth about what's working and what's not working in your Perfect Client Life Cycle.

Keep allowing your time to be stolen by the time vampires, while you chase your tail and allow the law firm to run your life.

Keep doing it the same old way without getting any help or seeking out a mentor to guide and direct you.
OR you can do what I’ve been telling you to do and . .

• Start making more money than you ever dreamed.

Actually have the time to enjoy your life and enjoy practicing law again.

Be able to serve and help more people in your community.

• Do all of this with joy and enthusiasm, the way you never had before.

And leap out of bed in the morning, excited to go to work.


My team and I have set aside time in the next 96 hours to speak with you individually about how we can help you apply these ideas to your business TODAY.

We've worked directly with 900 different law firms, and we've talked to thousands of attorneys. We have literally seen it all when it comes to small law firm ownership. So there's nothing we don't know how to overcome. We’ll be able to handle any challenge you throw our way.

During our time together – what we call our Breakthrough Strategy Session – we're going to create a step-by-step plan for you to create an income goal.

Whether that goal is an extra $10,000 a month or $200,000 a month, it doesn't matter. The formula will work based on where you are today. Then we’ll look at what you’re doing in your business now to identify what's working and what's not working. Then we’ll show you how to fix what needs fixing next.

This meeting with us is absolutely FREE.

But… here’s the catch. The Breakthrough Strategy Session is not for everybody. To qualify you must. . .

- Be the owner of a solo or small law firm practice
- Work directly with consumers, not businesses
- Have annual revenue of $250,000 to $2.5 million
- Currently be actively investing in generating leads for your firm

If that’s you, I urge you to book a Breakthrough Strategy Session now!


We love giving back and helping law firm owners achieve their goals and dreams.

Plus, we know that once you meet us, you might want our help to transform your practice. If so, we can discuss it and see if it’s a good fit for both of us. If not, that’s fine too.

When you click the button, you will be taken to our calendar page where you’ll be able to see all our available appointment times. They are limited, so don’t wait to grab whichever one works for you.

After that, you’ll be taken to a very short application with just 6 or 7 questions. Please fill it out to the best of your ability.

When your appointment time arrives, we’ll get on a call with you and take a deep dive into your practice. 

Whether you end up working with me or not, you can use what you learn on the call to reach levels of income you’ve likely never imagined possible… while actually working less.

With or without me, you can succeed. But I can help make the journey easier for you, and get you there faster.

For example...

If you have time for one more story, this is my sixth case study. It’s about George and Danielle McCraney who have a criminal defense firm out of Douglas, Georgia.

Now Douglas, Georgia is a small town of less than 12,000 people. So how does a firm grow to multiple seven figures and allow its owners to have the freedom that George and Danielle have? It’s thanks to their mentorship with me.
Today George no longer goes to court. He has attorneys who do that for him.

He and Danielle run their office from the comfort of their brand new ranch. They do it all remotely while their offices are run without their physical presence.

Before we met, they never would have believed it was possible. But today, because of the five shifts, they have a life few other attorneys have. They can spend time with their family. They have more money than they can spend. And their businesses are truly making a difference in their small community, helping people at a very high level.

If you want to achieve the kind of results I've shared in the case studies of attorneys I’ve worked with, you have to make the five shifts, just like they did.

If you're ready to make those five shifts, we'd love to work with you. Click on the button below and, schedule your complimentary Breakthrough Strategy Session today.
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